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  • Analysis: UAE Education Needs Assessment

    The field of education is rife with terms like “learner -centred”, “student-focused” and “community-based” curriculum design. This trend has gained rapid momentum in order to address the key persisting issues in education: Dissatisfaction in achieving learning objectives by the learner and not being sufficiently prepared to transfer learning in the local community context (ADEC “Abu Dhabi Higher Education Strategic Plan”, July 2010).

  • AP&L Phases


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    AP&L Phases

    Working towards creating a game-based learning program for all ages is a daunting task. For this reason the learning genres: ESTEEM GAMES have been developed. These geners are focused for all age brackets. The following are the three phases of the AP&L Curriculum:

    AP&L for k-12:ADEC standards and USA Common Core standards will be applied consistently throughout the game designs. Complicated concepts will be focused.

    AP&L for University:National Quality Authority (NQA) Standards are used to create learning objectives for university level games.

    AP&L for Corporate:Industry standards like the ISO and company specific learning and performance standards will be used to create Staff games for team building and Corporate Culture Change Management. 

  • ASSURE Lesson: The Game to Lesson Challenge



    Identifying the taxonomy in fuzzy game rules is intimidating. However, there are key areas in a lesson that can be used to create a game with the same learning goal as the lesson. Attend our exclusive LEsson to Game Challenge Workshop by AP&L. Watch this page for details soon. 

  • Games for Change: 2014 Games Festival



    Games for Change is a vibrant community of game-based learning entusiasts. They are hosting a 2014 Game Festival for best ideas in learning games. Our team members will be present in the festival to advocate the "Lesson to Game" design principles in game-based learning. Join the fun at: http://gamesforchange.org/festival2014/

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  • National Standards


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    AP&L in lieu with ADEC Standards

    The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has experienced phenomenal growth in curriculum reform and upgrade activities. The leaders of the education sector in UAE are an embodiment of the knowledge development spirit. Extreme care and planning has been undertaken to ensure all ADEC schools evolve into rigorous and value-driven training institutes. The AP&L Curriculum for game-based learning for the K - 12 sector is based on the ADEC Curriculum Standards. ADEC also conforms to Advance-ed and SACS. For reasons of direct alignment of learning objectives with ADEC and these prestigeous accreditation organizations, the AP&L Academy is preparing for accreditation with: