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Development: The Lesson to Game Challenge

Quality for Life has consciously designed games with the Emirati Individual in mind. All games have clear goals and learning objectives. They are geared towards increasing awareness and knowledge in key work place and domestic issues. They are designed to develop skills and problem solving strategies. Priority to develop and manage effective Emirati teams is given over “blind fun” games. While the games have a strong instructional/educational element, the props, environment and the entire game context is lightened up using colours, novelty items, sound effects, olfactory sensations and real life simulations. Excitement, anticipation, challenging conflicts, brainstorming and conversations using key words are all in the package of a single game environment. Technology utilization is foremost. The website for the games is a complete precursor to all gaming activities. The following points highlight the game design methodologies:

Basic Game Design FormatGamesDevelopmentMethodology

  • The Goal
  • The Rules
  • The Feedback, Coaching, Training
  • Motivation to participate freely


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