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 Implementing AP&L: Game Demonstration Videos

The Knowledge Management principles of learning have been implemented in various forms in the history of education and training practitioners. Knowledge is no longer a privilege. Rather, it is a natural commodity owned by each individual. This fact defines our business strategy in the following way:



v  Construct knowledge in individuals as per requirements of the UAE curriculum in schools, universities and corporate sectors.

v  Encourage creativity by guiding the learner to problem inquiry, analysis and synthesis in the real world context. Provide game performance context that is based on the UAE work context (includes growth needs and requirements in fields of science, business, arts, engineering research and development currently in UAE)

v  Provide a higher degree of motivation to learn through novel games.

v  Respond to learning styles of each individual in the learning context (UAE)

v  Mandate participation from each player, leading to higher retention and transfer rates.

v  Automatic exchange of knowledge between mixed ability participants.

v  knowledge between mixed ability participants


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